Executive Management


Ramesh Madav, Ph.D.

Ramesh Madav has over two decades of experience in the field of various ecological activities including Rural & Agricultural Resource Planning, Water Resource & Watershed Management, Environmental Impact Assessment and Monitoring and Land Use Planning (e.g. Green Belt Development, Eco-restoration of degraded and waste land).

He holds a doctorate degree in Environmental Science and a Master of Science in Agriculture Science.

He is actively involved in preparing plans/reports for agriculture and rural development which involves analysis of data on parameters like agro-climatic conditions, soil types, irrigation facilities, land holdings infrastructure available, supply network of inputs and financial institutes.

He has been the Managing Director of Madav Consultants Pvt. Ltd. & Environmental Restoration Consultants Pvt. Ltd. till March 2002. He has successfully completed several impact assessment projects and environmental conservation projects all over India. He also founded an NGO called Environment and Biotechnology Foundation (ENBITECH) in the year 1991 and has been the Chairman of the organization since its inception. In 2008, he started Terracon Ecotech Pvt. Ltd. to promote and profess the ecological solutions to tackle present day environmental problems.

His strengths include thorough understanding of environmental laws, ability to predict industry trends, project execution and industry network.

E-mail ID : ramesh@terraconindia.com