Our Team

Akshay Nachane

Akshay holds a Master’s degree in Zoology and is currently employed with Terracon Ecotech Pvt. Ltd. as Manager – Biodiversity. His work is focused on biodiversity studies and his key strengths are field surveys, avifaunal studies and coastal biodiversity. Akshay is one of the core team members of Biodiversity Action Plan projects carried out by Terracon for its clients. He has also worked on various hydrology projects involving water and sediment analysis.

Email: akshay.nachane@terraconindia.com

Amruta Dhamorikar

Amruta holds a Masters degree in Biodiversity and is currently working with Terracon Ecotech as an Analyst – Biodiversity. Her interest lies in the taxonomy of plants and animals as well as their ecology and interactions. Her strengths are in biodiversity field surveys and the study of butterflies and birds. She believes that in today’s times it is necessary to conserve biodiversity on a local as well as global scale as the world is developing at a quick pace. She has worked on projects like Biodiversity Assessment, Biodiversity Action Plans and Environmental Impact Assessment

Email: amruta.dhamorikar@terraconindia.com

Amruta Pawar

Amruta leads Landscape Architect and Designing Division of the company for National and International Market. She is a member of Council of Architecture, The Indian Institute of Architect and Indian Society of Landscape Architect. Her strengths include designing, developing and strategizing the Landscape Architecting Projects. She holds M.E.M., M.Arch. and B.Arch. She comes from a diverse background of several years of working experience with reputed international and national organizations i.e. Clouston Associate Sydney, Bhagwat Associate and Raju Pradhan etc.

Email: amruta.pawar@terraconindia.com

Angelica Pereira

Angelica Pereira is a Business Enhancement Manager at Terracon Ecotech Pvt. Ltd and manages Terracon’s Business Development, Social Media Marketing, PR& New Initiatives. She completed her B.Sc in Geology from St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai and then went on to do her Masters in Environmental Management and Consultancy from Lancaster University in the UK. Having worked in various sectors and industries, Angelica realized that the Environmental Sector was the one for her with a keen interest in Sustainability and Renewable Energy.

Email: angelica.pereira@terraconindia.com

Dhananjay Rawool

With a Master’s in Angiosperms and photochemistry and Bachelor’s Degree in Botany, Dhananjay is specialist in Taxonomy and has participated in numerous tree inventory projects over the past four years. He has also contributed to various environmental and social impact assessments. Before joining Terracon, Dhananjay was a field officer at the Environment and Biotechnology Foundation.

Email: dhananjay.rawool@terraconindia.com

Hamida Keshwani

Hamida has been pursuing a challenging and innovative career in the field of Environment & Research as well as protecting and enhancing our environment by utilizing her experience and sound academic background. She completed her B.Sc in Microbiology and M.Sc in Environmental Science from Sardar Patel University. Hamida is currently working with Terracon Ecotech Pvt. Ltd. as Air Pollution, Water Pollution and Air Quality Expert.

Juned Khan

Juned leads ‘Sustainability, Climate Change & Energy’ – Division of the company for National and International Market.He is registered as Roster of Experts/Consultant with some globally recognized Organizations e.g. The PMR – Word Bank Group, International Association For Energy Economics (IAEE), Oxford Policy Management (OPM), Consultancy Africa Intelligence (CAI), Energy for All – Asian Development Bank (ADB), Green Climate Fund (UNFCCC), Climate Development and Knowledge Network (CDKN), World Sustainable Energy, Global Hands and Eco Business. His strengths include developing and strategizing the Corporate Sustainability, Financing & Funding for Energy, Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation, Carbon Asset, MRV, CSR,Waste & Water Management, Energy Management, Renewable Energy, Sustainability and Environment Economy. He holds ‘Master of Technology’ in “Energy Management” as ‘Gold Medalist/Merit Holder’ and ‘Bachelor of Engineering’ in “Electrical & Electronics” with ‘First & Distinction’. He comes from a diverse background of several years of working experience with reputed international organizations i.e. The Gold Standard Foundation – Switzerland, First Climate Group – Germany.

Email: juned.khan@terraconindia.com

Ninad Raut

Ninad is heading the Ecology and Biodiversity Division of TEPL. He is involved in Biodiversity Assessment projects, Biodiversity Strategic Action plans, Tree Inventories, Green belt Assessment & development, Green rejuvenation projects for Terrestrial, Mangrove as well as Urban Ecosystems. His key strengths areas are Habitat Ecology, Vegetation Ecology, Butterfly Diversity, Environment Education, and Project Design.He holds doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in Forest Botany from Forest Research Institute University, Dehra Dun. He has successfully completed a PG-certificate course in Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) organized by Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand) in association with Mangroves for Future, Thailand. He has two Master’s Degrees – one in Botany and another in Sustainable Development. He has been, previously, associated with Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS), WWF-India and Wildlife Institute of India (WII; Dehra Dun). He has published one book and four research papers, each on bird – butterflies, and two on medicinal plants from his research work. He has written 9 popular articles as well.

Email: ninad.raut@terraconindia.com 

Neha Sharma

Neha Sharma is an Environment Engineer at Terracon Ecotech Pvt. Ltd. She holds a Master’s of technology (M. Tech) in “Energy and Environment Management” as Merit Holder and Bachelor’s of technology (B. Tech) in “Biotechnology” with Honor’s Degree. She is actively involved in different sectors of Environmental Impact assessment (EIA) project, i.e. Mining projects, Port & Harbor projects and Hydro & Irrigation projects. Apart from that she was also involved in Waste Management projects. Have keen interest in Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation, Carbon Sequestration projects, Green Energy, Alternate fuels & Co processing of waste. Her work is focused on strengthening the EIA department of Terracon Ecotech through contributing to the development of current and upcoming projects.

Email: neha.sharma@terraconindia.com 

Pravin Shinde

Pravin Shinde holds a Master’s degree in Marine Science from University of Mumbai and is currently employed with Terracon Ecotech Pvt. Ltd. as Manager – Environment. He has expertise in CRZ projects. Presently he is working EIA department and contribute in different sectors of Environmental Impact assessment (EIA) projects. He has also experience in Marine pollution, Marine ecology,   Intertidal survey, Ecological survey of coral reef, Mangrove assessment & Ecoloss assessment projects.

Email: pravin.shinde@terraconindia.com 

Shweta Loke

Shweta Loke works as an Environment Analyst at Terracon Ecotech Pvt. Ltd. She did her B.Sc. in Biotechnology from Thakur College of Science and Commerce, Mumbai. She had always been passionate about nature. Due to her passion for the conservation of our environment, she went ahead and pursued her Master’s in Environmental Sciences from the Institute of Science, Mumbai. Here at Terracon, she is actively involved in Environmental Impact assessment (EIA) projects, Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) projects, lake restoration projects. Apart from that she is also involved in laboratory analysis at Terracon Analytics; the new wing of Terracon Ecotech Pvt. Ltd.

Email: shweta.loke@terraconindia.com