How The Hospitality Industry Can Tackle Climate Change


Man’s hunger to travel the world has fuelled the Hospitality industry; it has now become a fast growing sector of the economy in India. The impacts of climate change are the most critical concern of our country and effects’ every industry, including hospitality, in some way or the other. Climate change affects travellers as well as travel destinations. Depending on various factors we can visibly see the effects of climate change on the hospitality industry by analysing the inflow of tourist while some see it in the price hike of hotels.

Some of the main factors that are responsible for travellers to determine their destination are the natural beauty of a place and its climatic conditions. Global warming impacts can be noticed the world over, in India this has resulted in summers becoming increasingly hotter. Increasing temperatures is one of the reasons why tourists are shuddering away from holidaying in places that are known for their bright sunshine.

Climate change is causing the ice in the Himalayas to melt drastically and at a rapid rate increasing the river levels to rise leading to soil erosion and various other natural disasters to occur. This in turn affects the number of people travelling to the North of India and industries that rely on tourism to flourish. India has been blessed with long coastlines, but the rising sea level due to thermal expansion of warm ocean water and melting ice has raised alarms all over the country. Tourism is going to decline rapidly many studies say, but it is seen that tourists are often hesitant to visit all their favourite places that prospered previously because of the impacts that they have faced due to climate change.

The economic implication of climate change hurts the Agriculture, Fishery & Livestock industry the most, thus in turn affecting the Hospitality industry as well. Natural disasters due to global warming hit the industry the hardest due to damage or loss of infrastructure. Climate change related hazards have the potential to destroy delicate ecosystems of Indian Islands as well as the coastal cities. This would take a big toll on the Hospitality industry, many places in our country have already seen such setbacks.

Green initiatives in the hospitality industry are a step in the right direction. The sustainable growth of every hotel is necessary and so is attaining carbon neutrality, making every property energy-efficient, evaluating and developing a database of the biodiversity within the property and analysing mitigating tools to help the environment in every way possible. The architecture and interior design of the property has a role to play in making the hotel eco friendly. There are various measures that can be taken to recycle, reduce and reuse garbage as well.

Terracon Ecotech has the expertise to help every hotel overcome the barrier of going green. Our consultants have the knowledge and experience to evaluate, identify, address and help lessen the impacts hotels have on the environment and society economically and feasibly. Immediate reform is required to reduce carbon foot printing; action needs to take place now.

Written by Angelica Syiemiong Pereira

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